Back Taxes

The Benefit Bank's Features and Benefits

Using The Benefit Bank, you can file up to three previous tax years of federal and state tax returns. If you are due a refund in the year for which you are filing, you do not owe penalties or interest for filing after the due date. If you owe taxes in the year for which you are filing, you may owe penalties and interest. The Benefit Bank does not calculate these fees on your return; you will receive a bill from the IRS after you file. For back taxes, you must paper file your federal return, however you may be able to electronically file your state return.

What to Expect

When filing back taxes be sure to enter the information as it was for the year in which you are filing. For example, if you got married in 2018 but are filing a return for 2017, then you would want to answer the questions as if you were single in the federal and state tax sections for that year.

Your Next Steps

Discover what programs are available to you using QuickCheck. From there, you can create an account or log in to begin the filing process.

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