State Taxes

The Benefit Bank's Features and Benefits

The Benefit Bank's North Carolina tax service allows taxpayers to file their North Carolina personal income tax using our easy-to-understand service. The Benefit Bank will fill out the appropriate North Carolina tax forms and calculate all necessary adjustments from your federal return. The North Carolina tax return can be submitted electronically and preferences for direct deposit can be selected.

What to Expect

  • States use federal income tax information on state tax returns. Therefore, you will need to complete the federal tax section of The Benefit Bank in order to file your state tax return. While you must answer all required questions in the federal tax section, you do not have to file your federal taxes again if you have already used another service.
  • If you are married and filing a joint return with your spouse, you must have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $95,000 or less to use our online service. If you are not married or not filing jointly with your spouse, you must have an AGI of $65,000 or less to use our online service.

Your Next Steps

Discover what programs are available to you using QuickCheck. From there, you can create an account or log in to begin the filing process.

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